The City of Victorias is a bustling city in Negros Occidental, Composed of twenty six (26) Barangays, strategically located at the latitude f 1042.5″-1055.5″ and a longitude of 1221.4″-1231.5. It is bounded in the North by the Municipality of Manapla, on the South by the Municipality of E.B Magalona (formerly Saravia), on the West by Guimaras Strait, and on the East by Mount Marapara. It is approximately 357 nautical miles South of Manila and 34 kilometers from Bacolod City.


Victorias City is geographically located in the northern part of Negros Occidental at the latitude of 10 42 5’ – 10 55 5’ and a longitude of 122 14’ – 123 15’. . It is bounded on the north by the Municipality of Manapla, on the south by the Municipality of E.B. Magalona, on the west by Guimaras Strait and on the east by Mount Marapara. It is approximately 357 nautical miles from the south of Manila and 34 kilometers away from the City of Bacolod.


The City of Victorias is characterized by sloping and rolling terrain. The steeply descending hill from Barangay Gawahon gradually level off as they approach San Jose Estado forming some sort of a plateau. Rolling hills can be found at Hacienda Maria going down to Nasipunan. The forested zone of the City is at the northeast end of Mt. Silay and is saturated by deep rivers, streams, and creeks. The land patterns of the City as a whole have plenty of sloping lands in its mid-section going to the mountains. It is composed of valleys, rolling hills and the ever present small streams and rivers that wind along vast sugarcane plantations. The town proper site is impressive. The terrain can be appreciated as you walk along Osmeña Avenue (a portion of the National Highway) formerly called Calle Real. Predominant rolling hills where the present renovated town hall now stands are bounded in the north by the winding Magnanud River and in the south by the Guinpana-an Creek.


The City is endowed with an invigorating climate which accounts for its healthy population and vigorous economic activity. The hot days of summer in the months of April, May and 1st day of June are offset by the cool North westerly wind from Guimaras Strait. In the upper portion of city, the weather is suited for crops and other farm vegetables. More farm animals are produced with such a climate.

Slope Classification

  • Level to nearly Level
  • Very gently sloping
  • Gently Sloping
  • Moderately Sloping or Rolling
  • Strongly Sloping or Rolling
  • Hilly to Mountainous
  • 0-3%
  • 3-8%
  • 8-18%
  • 18-30%
  • 30-50%
  • 50-80%
  • 10,315.4658
  • 319.0350
  • 924.7392
  • 329.8968
  • 450.8589
  • 1,052.0043
  • 13,392.00
    % TOTAL
  • 77.03%
  • 2.38%
  • 6.90%
  • 2.46%
  • 3.37%
  • 7.86%
  • 100%

Weather Forecast

Victorias City, Western Visayas, philipines
few clouds
25.4 ° C
25.4 °
25.4 °
27 °
26 °
28 °
28 °
28 °