HOW TO TO SEND FEEDBACK: Answer the client feedback form and drop it at the designated drop box in front of the City Communication and Information Office Contact info: 399-3627 or Private Message Victorias Malihaw Facebook Page

HOW FEEDBACK IS PROCESSED: Every Friday, the Public Information Officer opens the drop box and compiles and records all feedback submitted. Feedback requiring answers are forwarded to the offices and they are required to answer within three (3) days of the receipt of the feedback The answer of the office is then relayed to the citizen. For inquiries and follow-ups, clients may contact the following telephone number: 399-3627.

HOW TO FILE A COMPLAINT: Answer the Client Complaint Form and drop it at the designated drop box at the first floor lobby of the City Administrative Building. Complaints can also be filed via telephone. Make sure to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Incident
  • Evidence

For Inquiries and follow-up, clients may contact the following telephone number 399-2897

HOW COMPLAINTS ARE PROCESSED: The Complaints Officer opens the complaint drop box on a daily basis and evaluates each complaint Upon evaluation, the Complaints Officer shall start the investigation and forward the complaint How complaints are processed: to the relevant office for their explanation. The Complaints Officer will create a report after the investigation and shall submit it to the Head of Agency for appropriate action. The Complaints Officer will give the feedback to the client For inquiries and follow-up; clients may contact the following telephone number 399-2897


  • ARTA : Contact Information of CCB, : 1-ARTA(2728)
  • PCC : 8888
  • CCB : 0908-881-6565(SMS)
  • Email :
  • Web :
  • FB :
  • Call : 165 65 (P 5 + VAT per call anywhere in the Philippines via PLDT landlines)