Peñalosa Farm

Owned and managed by Mr. Ramon Peñalosa, the place offers live-in seminars on Agri-preneurship, integrated organic farming, and agriculture. Located in Barangay 13, the farm also offers a guiltless sumptuous organic meal you will truly enjoy.

Nisol Organic Farm

Experience the local farm life at Nisol Organic Farm located inside the Gawahon Eco-Park. enjoy planting, harvesting, and cooking your favorite organic vegetables.

Strawberry Picking

Magi Farm (VOFA)

Catch all the chickens you want. Enjoy strawberry picking, karo and karusa riding here in the 5 hectares vegetable farm of Magi. Inhabited by flowers, this farm is known for its abundant tomato harvest.

Agriculture Complex

Agricilture Complex

Established in Barangay Estrella, Agri Complex has become the sub-office of the City Agriculture Office. The area also serves as a demonstration farm of various technologies advocated by the city.

baby corn


CPSU Agri Garden is the site for students who wish to apply their classroom learnings into field practice. There are screen houses and organic nurseries built on this 3,028 square meter farm with lettuce and pechay as their primary products.

Sumagat Farm

Sumugat Farm (MOVIA-ATI Learning Site)

The farm doesn’t only exist to produce organic products, likewise, it serves as an agricultural training ground for the Agri Students of CPSU who undergo practicum. This two-hectare crop plantation has been visited by 10,000 people all over the Philippines and countries like Japan and USA since 2003.